Security Systems Necessary for a Dangerous World

In certain parts of Africa life is so dangerous that hotels, apartment complexes, and even individual homeowners have hired private security guards to watch over them at night. Unfortunately, in Kampala, Uganda several of those security guards have been murdered by criminals during the last month.As a result the local police are demanding security companies install digital security systems at any property they are hired to protect. They’re also asking companies to upgrade current analog systems to new digital systems if property owners will agree to the added expense.Here in the United States we don’t have the same level of crime as a lot of other places in the world, but that doesn’t mean security systems are less important here. We still have enough crime to warrant their installation in any number of businesses and private dwellings. Where ever there is crime, and that’s just about everywhere, security systems go a long way in protecting both property and people.

The Advantage of DigitalThe reason for the Kampala police requesting a conversion from analog to digital rests in the fact that digital systems can be monitored in real time using an Internet connection and a mobile device. An analog system can only be monitored once the alarm is triggered by an unauthorized entry. In the U.S. digital systems are now the norm thanks to advancements in technology.When you purchase a digital home security system with remote monitoring you have the ability to login to your system from virtually anywhere. Imagine having video surveillance cameras pointed at your front door, rear door, and the big bay window in the family room. If someone is foolish enough to try to break in you’ll have their actions caught on tape; something that makes the police investigation that much easier. And even potential break-ins aside, those cameras allow you to make sure your children come home from school on time or the babysitter is not lounging around when she has work to do.Digital systems also allow for remote adjustments when you’re going to be away for a while. Did you forget to turn down the thermostat? Log on and adjust it right away. How about changing the timing of the lighting so as to make it appear you’re home? You can adjust those settings as well. The point is that the digital system gives you a lot more power and flexibility at a very reasonable price.

The Protection You and Your Family DeserveToday’s security systems represent both peace of mind and the protection you and your family deserve. When you install a system and activate it with an alarm monitoring company, it’s like having your own security team watching over your house day and night. You’ll definitely sleep better knowing that your family and your property are well protected. For added peace of mind consider including fire and carbon monoxide monitoring, medical monitoring for a disabled or elderly family member, and flood monitoring where applicable.